Biggerplate Unplugged Mind-Map Conference 2014

2014-03-30 Transaktionsanalyse und ADHS als Themen habe mich im sprießenden Darmstädter Frühling wieder. Jetlag und böse, böse Klimaanlagenerkältung nach Jetlag seit Mittwoch. Robert von FORMAT hat tollen neuen Füller; prima Ergänzung für Mindundmap-Werkzeug! 


2014-03-25 returned with AIR FRANCE via CDG-Paris at FRA-Frankfurt am Main. Late afternoon in Darmstadt-Bessungen

2014-03-24 Good bye. Stephen, Tirzy, Liam, Tim, Bubba, Mary, Ray, and, ... Flew home from SFO and ...


2014-03-23 Sonntag in San Francisco. Nach über 9.000 km Flug von Paris-CDG., 2-3km hoch über Irland, Island, an Grönland, über Kanada und die vereinigten Staaten. 
Um 10:30 a.m. in StoneHouse-Gallery-Mall; mit Daniel im Apple-Store und iPad-Air (Great Organisation and Service!). Town-walkabout: From the Mall to Twin-Peaks! ( I was warned: Oh, that`s very far. Better take a bus!) At Judah Street, leaning against a yellow post, I saw two things: street car rails and a shimmering pacific ocean. The
(Muni) N - Judah brought me down the wavy street near the beach.  I strolled the Pacific ocean along to pick up a Taxi near Cliff House.  So I passed twice the Golden Gate Park with its windmills.

2014-03-22 Ray mit Shuttle Van drove me around San Francisco and dropped me at PIER39 Downtown. Hung around there for hours, enjoying the bays fresh sea breeeze, the roars of the wild Sea Lions (Inside a Pier Shop I saw my First Skeleton of One, looked tinier than the fat, big on the wooden Pontons ), Mary and an Italian Guy took pictures of my tired appearance; the arm of the 49-er, Bubba Paris, on my shoulder became a burden. after a while. Bubba was hoping for donations for Kids in a Hospital in the 49-er retail store. I relaxed in the Sun, outside, but wind protected, with six fresh oysters exactly and One Glass (wieso hatte das Glas keinen Eichstrich?) of Californian Chardonnay finally. Waiting for the van Shuttle with George, getting me back to my BW Grosvenor Hotel, I enjoyed the Sun and the Jazz, live and free, with Other by-passers. The Afro-American After-Church Ladies were the only swinging their hips to the sound! In my room I did further After-Conference-Work: mini-Mind-Mapping e.g.


2014-03-21 No Long sleep, though Bed was high as One for the Princess on the Pea! I had to climb in it! Figured out, how some devices in my room were functioning, Air condition, TV, and enjoyed after breakfast (what the hell is the Big Pot of steamed Rice on the Buffet Table for?) sitting on a Bench in the sun in Front of the BW Grosvenor in South San Francisco. I sat in the smokers Corner ( the only, but lovely Place outside with a mug coffee, an apple (One to bite into it!) and a USA today. that became my Daily Morning Habit, though I read the Wallstreet Journal on Monday! Besides there haven't been smokers! Later I Popped into the chocolate Factory next to the BW Grosvenor; but they had no Chance compared to Vogel, Braunfels or Even Eiding, Bad Homburg v.d.H.. Both Konditoren have a tasteful and better looking offer than this Factory.- In the Late afternoon after chatting online with Michael Deutch, Mindjet SF, wondering whether I am getting an appointement to mindundmap-trainer-matters in the mindjet HQ. 


2014-03-20 my First Morning in South San Francisco and my First breakfast in the Chosen hotel near SFO Airport. The BW Grosvenor  Shuttle got got me to the International Airport. Met Stephen from Omaha; we had in common at least: Braunschweig; Interest for Brain; visiting a conference; the hotel. Both of us were heading to a conference in SF-Downtown. we took the B.A.R.T. -Train. I jumped out at Embarcadero Station. After a few steps on Market street, I took the F-Streetcar-Line at the Ferry Building, following the Embarcadero up to Beach Street.. I enjoyed the Ride along the old, but renovated Piers at the Bay, taking in deeply fresh Sea Air at this sunny, fine, clear Morning. Only two bucks poorer (ich empfehle: nehmt einige 1-Dollar-Scheine mit!), and One block walking distance the Mason Street up, I'd reached the Sheraton Hotel at the Wharf. First impression: Cosy sitting groups in a Passage, with an Open fireplace in the middle of each.
The Biggerplate Mind-Mapping-Conference started at 9:30 a.m.: <Is Mind-Mapping the missing link?>. in the final discussion, in the afternoon, my question was welcomed <"There are many Mind-Map-Software-Programs; but which One is the best?>.
 By 19:30p.m. I said Good Bye to Robin, and walked my way uphill the Powell Street; after 3km about (felt 10 km) I arrived there by 9:30 p.m.
Powell B.A.R.T.-Station.


2014-03-18 Der internationale Führerschein von der Führerscheinstelle Darmstadt ist größer als mein roter Pass! Ziemlich archaisch anmutend im Vergleich zum Scheckkartengroßen neuen Führerschein. Habe erstmal vor Abfahrt nach Berlin zum Trainerkongress eine Mind-Map gemacht: Biggerplate -.Unplugged. Jetzt fehlt mir nur noch ein Ersatzticket für den geplatzten Flug, na und dann eine Mütze Schlaf. Heute nach geht es mit der Bahn los nach Berlin.


2014-03-06 Heute Braunfelser Rentamt im Braunfelser Schloß um Informationen und Schnappschüsse angefragt. Mit Best Western Übernachtungen mit der Reward Karte, -und AAA-Rabatt- gebucht, gut, mit Frühstück und schnellem Internet-Zugang.
Heute Abend im Braunfelser Tourismus-Büro einen meiner Braunfelsen für New-Braunfels vorgestellt. Herr Adam vom Partnerschaftsring Braunfels über Reise informiert und sofort Tipps bekommen.

2014-03-04 Darmstadt 10x angesetzt, um einen Flug von Frankfurt am Main in die USA zu buchen. San Franciso mit Übernachtung, to dear! Also, Ideen suchen. Wo liegt denn New Braunfels? In Texas, bei San Antonio. Ab EUR 660,- aufwärts; Dallas Fort Worth alternativ noch teurer. "Houston, we`got a problem!" Volltreffer: mit US-Airways von FRA nach Houston International und zurück, für nur EUR 560,- inkl.!


2014-03-05  Für EUR 55,- topeffektiv einen neuen Führerschein und einen internationalen von der Führerscheinstelle im Schnellververfahren beantragt.Neue Papiere sind schon am Montag, nach 11:00 Uhr abholbereit.


2014-03-02  Bilder von Ingrid Jost, Fotografenmeisterin, für EUR 13,- machen lassen.


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    Volker-Christian Lehmann (Freitag, 07 März 2014 07:04)

    #vclehmann Leseratten-mein erster ebook reader. Hoffe Tony Buzan`s und Horst Müller`s Mind-map-Bücher damit als ebook unterwegs zu biggerplate lesen zu können.